Noirot Rose pamplemousse !!! The name of the wine i tasted and fell in love with at the Marrie Pierre wine tasting club at Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi. The event graced was graced with many people from far and wide, though most of them were ladies, I wonder ( can a man please explain the reason as to why ?) We tasted wines from as near as South Africa to as far as France.Of course i had favourites and some i didn’t like (the whites especially) which i didn’t even care to note the names. The Arienzo red crianza wine was my second favourite wine as it was fresh, fruity with a lovely attack  and had a long finish. The sommelier from France continued explaining more about wine,I only was taking of the notes of the wines which mainly was black pepper, who knew wine contained bit of black pepper !!!


As time passed by the tasting event turned into a networking and wine drinking event.

fef6145bThe Sommelier at his best

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my colleagues and sisters from another . am Blessed to have them in my life.

7c9960deone of my beautiful setups

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Not forgetting the food, the blue cheese was amazing but apparently some wines don’t go well with coriander (now you know, you’ll thank me later 🙂 )

And finally , i saved the best for last : Noirot Rose Pamplemousse




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